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Extinval open a new branch in Singapore
Extinval offers FFE and LSA services in Singapore
about us
Extinval was created in 1983 as a part of the Tanaval Group to satisfy a series of needs related to marine safety and firefighting equipment, etc... which arose on board ships undergoing repair and maintenance by Tanaval, which is their core business.

As a part of the expansion strategy of the Extinval Group, EXTINVAL USA was created in 2011 and operates in the Gulf area and east coast providing safety on board vessels. We are presently located in modern facilities in the Port of Houston, New Orleans and also in New York port.

Continuing the expansion plan of the group is created EXTINVAL ASIA located in Port Klang, Malaysia 2016 and as well in Singapore 2018.

Extinval ASIA       Extinval USA

Our Services
We provide onshore and offshore services to various types of firefighting services, to perform these type of services we have a completed equipped service station.

We provide the following services;

• CO2 High Pressure systems
• CO2 Low Pressure systems
• Foam systems
• Foam Concentrate analysis
• Dry Powder systems
• Hot Foam systems
• Sprinkler systems
• Water Mist systems
• Portable Fire Extinguishers
• Hydrants, Hoses and Couplings

To carry out the jobs mentioned above, we are accredited by classifying bodies such as DNV-GL, BV, NK and ABS.

We carry out the following services and inspections;
• Immersion suits
• Rescue equipment
• Resuscitators
• Medical Oxygen systems
• Breathing Air Apparatus
• Emergency Escape sets
• Fireman’s outfit
• Chemical suits
• Breathing Air Compressors
• Air quality test for BA Compressors

To carry out the jobs mentioned above, we are accredited by classifying bodies such as DNV-GL, BV, NK and ABS.

To cover all the necessary requirements in safety for all types of ships, EXTINVAL ASIA moves into the complex world of gas detection, which is an important element in keeping enclosed places safe.

To ensure you receive an integral service, Extinval ASIA offers all types of equipment, installations, repairs, and calibrations of portable and fixed gas systems.

Extinval ASIA has a team of technicians at your disposal to help you chose the right model for each situation. Gas detection is very important to be aware of on ships, where it is often necessary to enter enclosed spaces. We also have personal gas readers to ensure the safety of people working in confined spaces.

In addition, we have an alcohol tester for controlling the alcohol consumption of crew and key personnel.

We also perform UTI meter calibrations, Pressure gauge and Temperature Calibrations.